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Put your passion to work.

Meds Link enable doctors to work in West Europe & Middle East


Our application process starts with an informal and confidential chat. We would like to learn more about your “wish list”, discuss options available, share views and suggest available positions that may suit your qualifications and experience as well as meet your personal requirements. We shall then submit your application to your place(s) of interest with the notes reflecting our discussion. Prior to sending out your application for future openings, we will ensure to bring this to your attention. Kindly note that joining a hospital in the Middle East is a lengthy process so please bear with us! Your patience during the process is much appreciated! The length of each phase will vary by hospital, by the position and by the country.  The average feedback in over 4 months.


Taking your career to the Middle East will present a number of benefits to enjoy, including: higher savings (a result of a tax-free competitive salary), free housing (including furniture and utilities), free transportation and a lower cost of living. Add to the mix, children's education assistance (married status contracts), free flights (mobilization, annual vacation & end of contract), medical coverage, a generous vacation leave.


Is not easy to chose the right job

​Our services go beyond placing the right person in the right place. When you entrust Meds Link to your future you can expect: 

  • Free Services: All our services are funded by the sponsoring hospitals and groups. Free services and advice to prepare the file for the professional license / registering to Medical Council

  • Confidentiality: Immediate, confidential access to all top career opportunities in every market.

  • Personal Attention: We provide a highly motivated personal consultant devoted to you and your targeted career search.

  • Industry Knowledge: we have good knowledges about industry trends in compensation, hot markets and the healthcare climate, and how they can impact your career.

  • Coaching: Comprehensive interview preparation including coordination of all travel, interview schedules and relocation programs.

Why work with us?

Helping people to “better work, better life” is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society. Long-term success comes by developing genuine, long-term relationships.


This is what we do, this is what we know about, this is what we care about, this is what we are all about.


We take the time to get to know you. We want to know how you work, what you want and where you want to be, then work really hard to get you there.

Want to work with the best?
We can't wait to help 
you get started.
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